Alarm Clock Rug

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Do you need an alarm clock that will effectively get you up? Do you often miss your alarm clock? Have you been tardy lately that you need an alarm clock that really works?

The Alarm Clock Rug is what you ever need. It is cleverly designed as a rug. What made it more awesome is that, when it wakes you up, you do really need to get up so you can step on the rug, only by then the alarm will turn off. This will effectively wake you up.

It has LED display for you to see the time, and the sound is enough to get you up early. Powered by three No. 7 batteries.  And yes, you don't need another alarm clock. Alarm music can be customized. Just connect to a computer via USB.


  • Bright LED display: doubles as night-light. 
  • Modern Look: suit any room despite style. 
  • Touch Sensor: effectively getting you out of bed! 
  • High-density Memory Foam: incredible comfort to lay feet on. 
  • Customizable Alarm/Post Alarm: your daily motivation with your favorite music. 
  • Contemporary and minimalistic design matches with any type of room decoration.


  • Display Mode: Digital display, LED
  • Color: Creamy white; 
  • Size;40cmx 38cm(15inches)
  • Material: Flannelette, memory foam; 
  • Power: Three No.7 Batteries;(not included)
  • Speaker: Fidelity full range speaker; 


  • To change the alarm music: Plugging in the USB cable at the back of the mat, then connect it with your computer. You can also customize your alarm music.
  • Package DOES NOT come with batteries.
  • Package Includes: 1 X Alarm Clock Rug

These custom designed Alarm Clock Rugs are a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high quality material!

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