Anti-Rain Windshield Wiper

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Are you bothered by heavy rain affecting visibility? Do you want your windshield more clearer during heavy rains or snow? Do you want a water repellent windshield so you can safely travel?


This amazing Anti-Rain Windshield Wiper will help remove rain, snow and ice from your windscreen. 


  • Increase Visibility: This water rain repellent can be applied to the windshield to drastically increase visibility on a rainy day or night.
  • Protective Film Formed: The solution forms a chemical bond with the glass, unlike silicone-based products that simply coat the glass. 
  • Remarkable Effect: This invisible wiper increases water repellency and causes the rain to bead up and roll off. Also, snow, ice, and bugs are easier to remove.
  • Long Lasting: It lasts up to 6 times longer than other products.
  • Easy to Use: One applicator treats an average size windshield. 
  • No risk: This product will not cause any damage to the glass of the car.
  • For cars and motorcycles: Perfect for all types of vehicles.

How to Use it:

  • Use detergent to clean and dry window glass (surface oil must be removed)
  • Squeeze the handle, open the coating and quickly wipe the whole windshield from top to bottom.
  • After applying the solution, wait a bit and finally use a towel or a paper towel to wipe the windshield dry. The water repellent will immediately become effective. 

These custom designed Anti-Rain Windshield Wipers are a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high quality material!

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