Banana Slicer SUS 304 Stainless Steel

$38.99$23.95 Banana Slicer SUS 304 Stainless Steel


Slicing bananas for your baby and for baking banana cakes sometimes get you messy, and with uneven result. We wonder what should be used to make his job easy, and faster. There's no other simpler with our  Banana Slicer SUS 304 Stainless Steel.

So, the next time you need to slice your bananas, be it for your baby, or just you, or for your cakes and desserts, there's no other tool we can rely on. Get yours and make that banana slicing easier and faster. 

Also, it's not just for bananas, it's also best for cucumber, and other elongated vegetables and fruits, so salads, is just once cut away.

These custom designed Banana Slicer SUS 304 Stainless Steel s are a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high quality material!

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