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Do you want to t urn any dull and gloomy place into a place shining with light and brightness? Do you want a bulb adapter that allows you to split a light bulb socket into multiple sockets so you can use multiple bulbs at the same time? Do you want to add more light to your workshop, garage, or any other space that needs better illumination?

We can make that easy. Replace your worn-out or out-of-date ceiling lamp with our  Bulb Adapter Lamp Holders ! It offers multiple slots for serving multiple bulbs at the same time.

This lamp holder is a pretty design with solid structure, good durability, and awesome look. It could add special charm to the overall style of your house. It is lightweight for easy operation. Extremely fit for E27 lamp base; this pendant lamp holder will never let you down!


  • Suitable for the light of E27 lamp base.
  • Can be used in dim-lit areas in your house, or during any special occasions.
  • Allows multiple bulbs installed in one single socket at the same time.
  • Great for LED light bulbs, energy saving lamp, and 25W incandescent bulbs.
  • Easy to install.

These custom designed Bulb Adapter Lamp Holders Offers are a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high quality material!

We are running a special promotion, and YES we are giving them away for FREE. You just have to pay the shipping and handling.

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