Electric Multitool Sharpener

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$199.99 - $79.95 Electric Multitool Sharpener




The Electric Multitool Sharpener is suitable for all kinds of tool repair mode, adjustable Angle and width. Especially suitable for novice repair die cutter, chisel, kitchen knife, scissors, bit, etc...These custom designed Electric Multitool Sharpener are a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high quality material!



1. Voltage: 230 v to 240 v 

2. Power/current: 96 W

3. No-load speed: 1350 RPM

4. The largest wheel diameter 56 mm (emery: 180 mes)

5. But mill bit size: 3 ~ 13 mm

6. Blade width: 6 ~ 51 mm

Tip Angle adjustable: 15 ° have powerful magnet adsorption

7. Machine net weight: 1.52 kg


1. The machine a (carton packaging, English instruction)

2. Grinding attachment 

3. Grinding bit attachment 

4. Mill cutter, chisel and other accessories a assembled in the machine

Electric Multitool Sharpener


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