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Complimenting your spaces with the best decors is a thing that many of us always love. May it be, as a hobby, or sometimes, for a living. Likewise, having your room complimented with decorations which are also useful and practical, is always a must for everyone..

We understand that there are many who values practicality, usefulness, and the looks  of  the decor itself. With that in our mind, we present to you this newly added product in our collection. Our Magnetic Lux Lamp will not just make you mesmerized with its stunning simple yet, elegant look, but will have likewise compliment your rooms and spaces with stunning light effects.

WHATS MORE? Oh! Didn't I tell you it's scientifically awesome? This Magnetic Lux L amp has a switch structure of two balls inside the wooden frames with embedded magnets. By moving them, these magnets will attract one another, thereby triggering the switch.

Artistically awesome, useful stuff, perfect decor. Shipping is on us. Order now to avail this limited time offer.

These custom designed Magnetic Lux Lamps are a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high quality material!

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