Perfect Fruit/Vegetable Cutter

$39.99 - $19.95 Perfect Fruit/Vegetable Cutter




Do you need the perfect salad cutter? This is a perfect gift for you! These custom designed Perfect Fruit/Vegetable Cutter is a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high quality material!



  • FAST & EASY: With our Salad Cutter Bowl allows you to save time (ONLY 60 seconds) making healthy salads, It is easier and more convenient for you to make healthy salads every day.
  • Perfect & Unique Design: The wave top can be used as a strainer, can wash your lettuce together, the cover can be used as a cut board, just sets them up for a perfect criss-cross cut. Rotate the wave cover to slice your lettuce smaller
  • SAFE & DURABLE: Food Grade Material BPA Free, Made of high-quality ABS materials which provide strength and resistance. don't need to worry that it will endanger your health.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Our salad chopper is 100% dishwasher safe. Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • PERFECT FOR GIFT: What else can make a better gift for your loved ones than this gift of health. Perfect for moms, cooks, health-conscious individuals, food enthusiasts alike. It is the great helper for a family to keep nutrition balanced and live a healthy life.

Everyone loves a fresh, healthy, nutrition balanced fruit or vegetable salad. But to prepare a salad at home, you have to wash and rinse the lettuce, slice and chop all of the ingredients, then slice and chop some more, even make your cut board so mess, what a chore!

Salad Maker Bowl makes Salads and Eating Healthy Easy. With this salad cutter bowl, you can enjoy a nutritious and delicious salad in 60 seconds!

How to Use?  
Step 1: Put all ingredients into salad chopper and wash to clean, please do not put too much, no more than three quarters should be great;
Step 2: Make sure the upper cover fix the base well;
Step 3: Cut the ingredients in the card slot into small pieces;
Step 4: Rotate 90 degrees of the upper cover and fix again with the base, you can cut the ingredients again in the card slot to make them smaller if you like;
Step 5: Enjoy your fresh, delicious and healthy salad.

Do not put too many ingredients, no more than 3/4 is perfect;
Do not lock the ingredients, do not have gap and to make sure the cover fully fit;
Please turn the bowl only, do not turn together with the food;
A knife should be about 7 inches.

60 Second Salad Maker Bowl, AmyHomie Salad Cutter Bowl, Vegetable Salad Chopped Bowl
60 Second Salad Maker Bowl, AmyHomie Salad Cutter Bowl, Vegetable Salad Chopped Bowl



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