Sewing Queen Lover Box (32 Pieces)

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Owning a sewing isn't easy. Only few are capable of doing their own sewing matters and few of those few owns a sewing machine. Often, hard to find tools and parts replacements are just the most common problems. These sometimes let people down and will definitely make one go crazy.

BUT, YOU DON'T HAVE TO. With our  Sewing Queen Lover Box, we'll let you own 32 Pieces of parts and some tools in order to get you going. Just imagine, with this box, you don't have to get to call who and be charged with hefty some for tools and labor fee. You do your own sewing machine and who knows, you might be the one having an extra income.

Yes, that's a possibility, and not just a heresy. So? Did you just count the tools/parts in the picture shown? Well, yeah, we had some additional and you will receive up to 48 Pieces. Shhh. Don't tell anyone, its a bonus from us.


  • Quantity: 1set(48pcs)
  • Box Size(LxWxH): approx. 280 X 240 X 30mm or 11.02 X 9.44 X 1.18inch
  • Color: As Shown
  • Box Weight: approx. 471g
  • Total: 32 Pieces + the Bonus pieces

Below is the list of items you will receive in single Sewing Queen Lover Box:

1. Stitch guide foot1. Stitch Guide Foot
2. Universal Presser Foot
3. Open Toe Foot
4. Zipper Foot
5. Nail Button Pressing Foot
6. Plastic Invisible Zipper Presser Foot
7. (A9) Applique foot
8. Round Bead Foot
9. Small Zipper
10. Sewing Presser Foot
11. Satin Stitch Foot
12. 6mm Roll of Lace Presser Foot
13. Zig Zag Foot
14. Open Toe Embroidery Foot
15. Large Opening Presser Foot
16. Cording Foot
17. 1/4''Quilting Foot
18. Braiding Foot
19. Rope Foot Pressing Foot
20. Standard Presser Foot
21. Straight Stitch Foot
22. 1/4'' Quilting Foot
23. Overcast Foot
24. 5 Hole Cording Foot
25. 7 Hole Cording Foot
26. Edge Joining Foot
27. Double Welting Foot
28. Invisible Zipper Foot
29. Fringe Foot
30. Metal Invisible Zipper
31. Adjustable Bias Tape Binder Foot
32. Shirring Foot
33. 3mm Narrow Edge Presser Foot
34. 6mm Wide Edge Presser Foot
35. 3mm Roll of Lace Presser Foot
36. Roller Foot
37. Sewing Beads Presser Foot
38. Positioning Presser Foot
39. No Gear Side Whipstitch
40. Buttonholing Presser Foot
41. Darning Low Shank
42. Blind Stitch Foot
43. Darning Foot
44. Zipper Foot Low Shank
45. Kint Foot
46. 7-Groove Pintuck Foot
47. 9-Groove Pintuck Foot
48. Stud Side Whipstitch


Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color which is showed in the pictures. Thank you! Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to a varied type of measuring devices used.

These custom designed Sewing Queen Lover Box (32 Pieces) are a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high quality material!

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