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Looking for the best way to wear a hat without damaging that nicely done hair? Or, maybe, you're on a picnic or hiking, its hot or windy, but those uncomfortable hats and caps somewhat torture your hair and your head? A lot of us experienced this problem, and we can't just ignore it.

Do not be worried anymore. Here comes our Soft Knit Beanie to save us, and protect our heads and hair from those tight caps and hats, from the hot sunny day and from the cool breeze wind as well.

You'll love the look of these hand knitted or crocheted hat with a hole in the crown, designed for long-haired folks who, apparently, have struggled with the life question: How can I wear a hat and an up-do at the same time?

These custom designed, handmade Soft Knit Beanies are a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high quality material!

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