Sound Activated Clap Switch

$29.99$19.95 Sound Activated Clap Switch


Do you want to turn on household devices with the clap of your hands? This Gadget is convenient for use.

The sound activated On/Off Switch enable you to turn on and off the various home appliances by merely clapping your hand twice or thrice This device has two outputs two claps and three claps. With two claps you can switch on the appliance attache. These custom designed Sound Activated Clap Switch's are a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high quality material!

Description :

  • Sound sensitivity: more sensitive when turning the dial to HOME, less sensitive when turning the dial to AWAY.
  • The Clapper allows its user to activate one or two appliances using sequences of claps.
  • Two claps, and turn on an appliance which plugs into left receptacle of The Clapper.
  • Three claps, and turn on an appliance which plugs into right receptacle of The Clapper.
  • The clap detection lights will glow with a proper clap or similar sound.


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