Speed Training Boxing Kit


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Do you want to learn to box but don't have enough for paid training? Do you wish to have a device that will help beginners, amateurs, and professional boxers train? Are you a coach looking for an effective boxing training tool for your trainees? Are you looking for the best way to lose some weights?

Boxing gyms come with some fees for membership and for amenities. Not quite appealing to many boxing fans who wished to learn this awesome sport, both for professional, for some self-defense training, or to lose those extra "add-ons".

Good news for all boxing enthusiasts, fans, trainers and boxers. Our store has partnered with  a known boxing materials maker to bring you the "Speed Training Boxing Kit" at a discounted price. Train, learn, lose weights and make the best out of it.

Best Benefits:

  • Improves reaction time and speed.
  • Burns calories and reshape your body (help eliminate unwanted "add-ons")
  • Working out anywhere.
  • Suitable for MMA Fighters, Boxers, martial artists, gym-goers, or basically, this is for everyone.


The harder you punch, the faster the ball goes, so be prepared when it comes to your face. Be aware of your posture and core, keep your core tight and knees bent, and start throwing some jags and uppercuts! The Speedball will be difficult to control at first, so take your time, hit softer and practice more.

What you get:

  • Speedball
  • Band

These custom designed Speed Training Boxing Kits are a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high quality material!

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