Tile Gap Refill Agent

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Have you found  the most a mazing bright white tile gap filling agent that is Waterproof and Moldproof? A tile grout agent that can be used on your bathtub tiles, washbasin, bathroom toilet tiles, balcony sink, porch tiles, corridor tiles and other cracks? Do you need an easy to apply refill agent that lets you do the stuff on your own?

Ceramic tiles are great, but aging grout can take away the tiles' good looks. Over time, grout can become dirty, grungy, cracked and missing in places. Having it fixed or changed can cost a fortune and inconvenience. With this tool, deteriorating tile grout is definitely something you can fix up yourself.


  • For sealing joints on buildings, windows, interior wall surface, ceramic tiles joints, doors, stairs, and for filling cracks in walls.
  • It is an amazing tile gap filling agent that is waterproof and mouldproof!
  • Material: Water, Resin, Aluminum Oxalate Size: approximately 6 x16 cm.
  • Net capacity of 280 ml. Weight: 340 g.


  • A ready use grouting fill in product, most easy grout product ever in the market!
  • White color grout to fix and coer all those old and dirty grouting. Suitable for all kind of floor tiles.
  • Provides waterproof feature for floor tiles.
  • Provides anti-fungus feature to prevent fungus grow on flooring.

Package includes:  1 Tile Gap Refill Agent (shake before use)

These custom designed Tile Gap Refill Agents are a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high quality material!

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